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The Wanderer

$100.00 USD

Hoodie Designed by: JM Rizzi

As a Brooklyn-born artist currently based in Dallas, JM Rizzi's practice encompasses large-scale murals, public sculpture installations, and mixed media canvases. Inspired by his roots in gestural expressionism and his beginnings as a graffiti artist in 1990s New York City, Rizzi's work explores the various facets of abstraction through movement and illegal artforms. Rizzi's practice is characterized by its playful, polished aesthetic, which draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including jazz music, the art of Motherwell, the Wu-Tang Clan, and Texas sunsets. Each of his paintings is a vibrant exchange between sight and sound, with bold hues and gestural marks that function as musical notes, forming a dynamic and rhythmic conversation between positive and negative space. To create his works, Rizzi begins by selecting the most dynamic portions of gestural marks produced through extemporaneous experimentation, rearranging and altering them in a process that is both impulsive and deliberate. His paintings are colorful and expressive, synthesizing everything he observes and feels, resulting in a visual language that is unique and personal. Through his art, Rizzi seeks to transcend traditional notions of masculinity and placemaking, creating works that reflect his own experiences and emotions. His paintings are a celebration of the continuous script of life, with each brushstroke racing to tell its own story in a shifting visual language that is both personal and universal. Whether through his murals or his studio work, Rizzi's art is a testament to the power of creativity and self-expression.


This collaborative project aims to create 50+ limited-edition hoodies designed by local artists. For every hoodie sold, a warmth pack containing a warm hat, a pair of gloves, and warm socks will be donated to a local shelter in need. Our joint mission is to help those in need receive warm clothing during the winter months.

Garment Details

  • Hand Printed in Detroit
  • Premium Midweight 8.5oz./280gm 3-end fleece
  • Ring-spun cotton
  • Pre-laundered fabric to reduce shrinking
  • Boxy fit with drop shoulder
  • No drawcord